718 Cayman GT4 RS Manthey Kit

The Porsche 718 Cayman GT4 RS is already an uncompromising driver's car with standard equipment – with the Manthey Kit it becomes a precision instrument. Its potential: 7:03.121 minutes for a lap on the 20.8-kilometre Nürburgring Nordschleife. In addition to the pure performance, which can be read from the lap time, the focus, as with all kits, is on driving ability. Predictable reactions and clear feedback from the vehicle are the factors that make the package attractive.

Decades of experience in GT sports, complex aerodynamic simulations and countless test kilometres were combined in order to optimise the already excellent systems of the mid-engine sports car specifically for use on race circuits and track days. The development focused on the use of new aerodynamic and chassis components as well as optimising the brake system for trackday use.


Aerodynamics Package

With a slightly sharpened design, the aerodynamics package unleashes its full potential, particularly in the bends. To increase the downforce of the 718 Cayman GT4 RS for circuit use, the aerodynamics have been extensively modified. At a speed of 200 km/h, the aerodynamics package increases the overall effect by 80 kg on the non-road-approved performance package, i.e. an increase in downforce from 89 kg to 169 kg.

On the front of the vehicle, flaps and new air curtains with wheel housing curtains significantly improve the ventilation of the wheel housings. The resulting higher downforce on the front axle is consequently improved by the completely new carbon front diffuser. It ensures ideal flow under the vehicle, which noticeably improves grip, turn-in behaviour and vehicle controllability.

Particularly eye-catching is the newly developed fixed rear wing made of carbon with an integrated Gurney flap. To achieve the most even distribution of the aerodynamic load, the four-stage adjustable rear wing was widened by 85 mm and geometrically adapted to the roof contour. This, together with a pronounced cranking of the flysheet, which harmonises the air flow over the entire width, and the redesigned wing end plates with the Manthey logo, results in optimal downforce. In order to withstand these enormous forces, the body structure made of exposed carbon on both sides on the inside of the tailgate has been reinforced.

The Aerodiscs on the rear wheels, which can be personalised using an optionally available decorative film, complete the aerodynamics package, which is integrated harmoniously into the vehicle design. They reduce turbulence at the rear and have a positive effect on aerodynamic efficiency. The effectiveness of the extensive measures was proven in the wind tunnel at the Porsche Development Centre in Weissach.

Air Intake Grille

Specific grille inserts are included for the side air intakes above the side skirts, which make cleaning the ducts much easier, as coarse dirt such as tyre rubber abrasion is already stopped at the easy-to-reach inlet to the scavenging air duct.

Coilover Suspension

The desire for motor sports performance with high day-to-day usability: a matter of complex tests on the racetrack and on the driving dynamics test stand. The set-up developed is based on a coilover suspension with four-fold damping force-adjustable spring struts and adapted spring rates (+20% on the front axle) in upside-down design. For the first time, displacement technology is used here for upside-down suspension struts, which, compared to the usual design with external adjustment valves, enables a significantly more precise and at the same time faster response. To ensure that no valuable time is lost even when precisely adapting to the relevant track conditions, the dampeners are easily accessible and can be adjusted without tools in both the pressure and the traction stage at low and high speed. A compatible version is available for both vehicles with and without a front axle lift system.

Brake Line Set with Steel Sleeve

For the brake line set with steel sleeve ensures even more direct pedal feedback and a faster response time as a result. This component of the Kit was also tested and co-developed by Manthey on the Nürburgring Nordschleife.
Optionally, the brake system of the 718 Cayman GT4 RS can be equipped with racing brake pads. These pads were developed specifically for track use and improve the fading characteristics as well as responsiveness and control. The brake pads are characterised by constant friction behaviour over a wide temperature range and very good wear behaviour with low disc wear.

Other Areas

The 718 Cayman GT4 RS Design Manthey Kit with illuminated door entry guards made of carbon and with the Manthey logo in red and white sets special accents. The Manthey logo can also be applied to the vehicle doors in white or black as you desire. Two towing loops are available as an option, especially for racetrack use. These are available in red, black or yellow and are attached to the front and rear end in the thread providedfor this purpose. Before driving on a public road, they must be removed again.

The Kit can be optionally extended with a specially designed carbon rear spoiler attachment. The rear spoiler attachment made of visible carbon is positively mounted on the standard tear-off edge as a supplement for the fixed rear wing. In combination with the high-downforce position of the rear wing, downforce on the rear axle increases by a further 4 %.

The performance is visually enhanced by the optional viewing carbon louvres (wheel housing ventilation). The surface is visually coordinated with the carbon fibre bonnet from the Weissach package – but is also a visual highlight in combination with the front bonnet painted in the exterior colour.

Note: The individual components of the 718 Cayman GT4 RS Design Manthey Kit are precisely matched. For this reason, they must only be installed together on the vehicle. Available individual offers are shown separately.


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